KOREA PRIVATE TOURS provides professional travel services for incoming foreign tourists to Korea. We offer not only sightseeing but also business support services with diverse possibilities and flexibility. You can choose one, or more our pre-packaged tours, or you can request us to tailor-made tour considering your budget, or special preferences.

  • We are registered with the city of Seoul Metropolitan Government and Korea Association of Travel Agents for a safe and guaranteed services. (Registration number: Seoul #330)
  • If you are looking for just low price tours/vehicle, we may not be a suitable provider because we always try to include clean & comfort vehicles besides highly educated guide, which incur higher cost than average.
  • We won’t bring your special shopping center (e.g., ginseng, amethyst) for behind commission. Even though this behavior causes our prices less attractive comparing to other travel agencies, we don’t want to have awkward situation due to your low shopping volume.

Our tour is not available temporarily
We have assigned all tour guides and vehicles during 19 Oct 2016 and 3 Nov 2016. Therefore, we need to advise you not to send us your email, or leave your inquiry on our website. Very apologize for this inconvenience. But, according to our policy, unless we are confident, we are not supposed to offer our service. (i.e., We don't outsource tour guide, or vehicle.)