• Tour(s): Customized Tour (Seoul ~ Mt. Seoraksan ~ Gyeongju)

Dear Happimize,

we returned home only today. Our tour to Korea was short but, with the assistance of your company, we could see many historical, natural, and modern places of interest. We liked our tour very much. Our guide – Mrs. Crystal Han – gave us a lot of interesting information and was always very positive. Your drivers also did their best to make our tour comfortable.

We travel a lot and can say that your service is good. We can only recommend you to be more proactive in offering and giving recommendations to your tourists about additional  places which are worth seeing for the guests of your beautiful country.

We hope, we can visit Korea again some time.

Best regards,

Элизабет Гурдус


  • Tour(s): Customized Tour (8d7d) (Busan ~ Gimhae (for their wedding ceremony) ~ Jeju ~ Gyeongju ~ Seoul)

Hello Crystal,

Thank you for the gift souveniers which I received through Thomas last night. You should not have done that. However we appreciate your kind thoughts and will treasure them. Looking at them will evoke wonderful memories of someone who became so dear to us just from the moment we met.

You are indeed a cheerful, beautiful, caring and accomodating person and we are so blessed to have you as our guide. (Not to mention that you even had to take a role as an interpreter.) Now, consider us as friends. Anytime you come to Malaysia do visit us You are most welcome.

Thank you Crystal for making our Korean trip a memorable one. Hope we will meet again.

God bless you and your family,


Dr. and Mrs. Ong


Ong Family and their new bride Mrs. Yim

  • Tour(s): Customized Tour (4d3n) (Seoul ~ Everland ~ Playdosi (Indoor ski) ~ Strawberry picking)

Great to hear from you. I have been wanting to write to you and Crystal to keep in touch. Since the kids started school, my time has been very hectic. We will note your listing on TripAdvisor. I already told Gifford to do so.

How are you? How’s HAPPIMIZE? I hope you are doing well with more clients coming in. The kids still remember Seoul. They actually say they want to go back again… :) I am still finding time to squeeze in my korean dramas and kpop. I really love them.



Mr. Gifford Chu and his family

  • Tour(s): Customized Tour (12d11n) (Seoul ~ Mt. Seorakan ~ Jeju ~ Gyeongju ~ Seoul)

We arrived back to Boston and David is recovering. Thank you for your concern. We would like to thank you for your prompt professional service through out our vacation. Before arriving and meeting in Korea for vacation I knew from our first email inquiry and our numerous email exchanges that I would not be disappointed with your tour service. Mrs. Crystal Han our assigned tour guide went above and beyond our expectations. Upon our meeting at the airport and touring Seoul that first day, Crystal’s enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of Seoul was impressive. One of our favorite events was of our first night in Seoul , enjoying a traditional Korean buffet at the N Seoul Tower where we had an memorable conversation with Crystal about Korean food and culture. The excursion to Mt. Seoraksan the next day was an ambitious adventure for our family and Crystal was very attentive to our hiking pace, stopping whenever necessary for a short rest or to take time to explain the beautiful scenery. We were looking forward to visiting Jeju Island but due to Davids illness many plans had to be changed and the trip had to be totally reorganized. We would like to thank Crystal for patience and understanding with our situation. She not only managed to arrange exceptional medical service for David but continued to tour JeJu with Sam and Richard. We will never forget her compassion and dedication as she stayed late into the night at the hospital with me, helping to care for my son and being a key in his recovery. This was not the way we expected our tour to go but Crystal made everything go as smooth as possible and we cannot thank her enough for her support and compassion throughout the trip. We would like her to know her that we greatly appreciated her numerous act of kindness and friendship. We would also like to thank you for your service to our family, especially helping out while my son was in the hospital in Seoul. Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated, escorting son Sam to an unplanned event at Yonsei University, bringing delicious food back to the hospital room where I was staying with David, communicating with the hospital business office, and leaving umbrellas for us to use during our vacation were just a few of the many kind acts. Anyone who is visiting Korea will not be disappointed with HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL Company. The attached picture is one that you had taken and Sam had asked me to forward it to you.

Sincerely, Ethel Polio


  • Tour(s): Customized Highlights of Korea (13d12d) (Seoul ~ Jeju ~ Gyeongju ~ Mt. Seoraksan ~ Seoul)

“The itinerary was good because both Client Care Desk and myself constructed it together after thousand of emails exchange.

Our guide was very good – he always do his best to accommodate our needs and was flexible with the schedule if we happen wanting to see/do something.
Also with his foods selection – it’s totally awesome and delicious! my dad gotta love korean foods now!! :)

However we did feel that we would like to know more about a place’s history or background since my dad is very interested in any historical side or in any certain meaning of something in a temple or a place. So i’d say it will be even better if you can tell us more stories or special things about the places we visiting, so we can remember and differentiate it vividly in our memory… otherwise all the temples or places will be just ordinary places without leaving a deep impression in our heart.

Well again i have to say, the food is the highlight of the tour for me personally. Our guide took us to some local places that only local people know. Not even someone with a complete Lonely Planet Guide nor some Indonesian travel agency can find such places. it’s really an eye opening experience to the diverse selection of Korean foods – it’s not mere bibimbap or bulgogi peopleeee!

Overall we’re very happy with our trip to Korea – believe it or not, we still talk about it every now or then whenever we have family talk over dinner. We tried to recall places we went.. the food we had… the road trip.. the pop rice (hahaha..)… how much you help us to sort out stuffs on our behalf.. and everything else! We definitely want to come back to Korea (together with my brother) and my dad already mentioned that he insists to go to the Mt Seoraksan area again since he didn’t get the chance to see the temple well at night time that day. 😛 Surprisingly that temple leaves a deep impression in his memory! :) and as for me, i’ll go back for the food and shopping! remember you promise to take us to the shopping outlet? hahaha.. anyway, again, thank you HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL, for making our trip very enjoyable – you’ve succeeded in making all of us falling in Love with your country. :) Kamsahamnida, Annyonghaseo!?”

Ms. Natassha Agripa and her family

Natassha Agripa


  • Tour(s): Customized Tour (8d7d) (Seoul ~ Suwon ~ Mt. Seoraksan ~ Yongpyong (Yandde Farm) – Everland)

“From time allocation point of view, the itinerary was nicely arranged. however, there was some beautiful places that were not included in the itinerary such as secret garden at Changdeok Palace. From all the places we had visited, only Cheong-Gye-Cheon Stream which we thought, was not that interesting. We hope your agency could had been able to decide which places were worthy to visit which were not, even though the place is the client’s idea.

Our guide has sufficient knowledge and very patience. He is nice, fun and very helpful in person.

The most indifference thing of HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL is time and itinerary flexibility whereby we can choose to where we would like to go and suit to our timing.

For example, during our visit to Cheong-Gye-Cheon Steam, the place is not as beautiful as we expected. so we change our itinerary instantly. so The guide brought us to the local market near to that area that recently famous because of the street food ( he understands that we love snacking). He also helps us to jump queue to buy the food and let us try without waiting too long and wasting our time there. it was a very authentic food that we can’t find anywhere else and to us it was a great experience of traveling.

Your services provide time and itinerary flexibility whereby fit to our traveling theme and to our special requirements. it was a right decision to take your service especially we brought 1 year old baby. We also appreciate your travel service by bringing us to a very beautiful scenery and unique places as well as let us experience your unique local food that suit our taste.”

Vilsary Siswandy


  • Tour(s): Highlights of Korea (10D9N) (Seoul ~ Busan ~ Jeju Island ~ Gyeongju ~ Mt. Seoraksan ~ Seoul)

“We would like to thank HAPPIMIZE for giving us a fantastic time and best experience trip of Korea.

Itinerary was excellent as we covered every aspect of our detailed itinerary including some minor changes to it.  The places we went were interesting ranging from historical/cultural sites to beaches and National Park and we were particularly amazed to see the enormous Silla tombs scattered in Gyeongju city.

Our guide was wonderful and cheerful.  He commands good English and was very knowledgeable and also a very careful driver too.  He went above and beyond all expectation in providing me with a wonderful and memorable birthday celebration in Gyeongju city.  We felt like as if we were travelling on a trip with a good old friend.

Indeed, there are some differences between Happimize and other travel agencies.

– Our itinerary was customized to our needs and the flexibility in changing our program is made possible.  We begin our tour each morning promptly without having to wait around for others.

– Food was also the highlight of our tour.  Each meal is something different, ranging from traditional to fusion food in different regions and they were all very delicious. All meals were included and therefore we do not have to worry about what to order during our entire trip.

– There were no hidden costs or any extra charges as we only have to pay for the price as per quotation.

We also received very good service from Client Care Desk from the moment we made our first enquiry to the last email before our trip.  We would definitely use HAPPIMIZE again and highly recommend their services to anyone who would like to visit Korea.

Once again, thanks for everything!”

Mrs. Sherina Fong and her travel mates

Sherina Fong

Sydney, Australia

  • Tour(s): Highlights of Jeju (3D2N)

“This is a small note say Thank you for the wonderful tour of Jeju Island where my wife and I had a great and enjoyable tour. I must say, our tour guide, Eugene was a wonderful and informative person. He took care of our every need. He was polite, courteous and always willing to assist with a great smile. Eugene made our tour enjoyable and valuable. He is an asset for your company.”

San Amalan
Complex General Manager
Aloft Nanhai Foshan
Sheraton Dongguan Hotel

  • Tour(s): Customized Tour (Everland ~ Hwaseong Fortress ~ Haeinsa Temple ~ Yangdong Village ~ Gyeongju ~ Busan ~ Japan)

1. How was your itinerary? Are those worth visiting?

“We enjoyed itinerary very match. Especially the Haeinsa Temple and the Busan fishmarket.”

2. How was the food that your family had?

“Just awesome. We had the best chicken Soup ever, great food, incl. Galbi.”

3. How was your guide? (in regard to knowledge, passion, communication,…)

“Jay was a very gentle with huge knowledge about the history of Korea and the Religion. His communication is straight and kind. We enjoyed every minute with him.”

4. Could you make a general comments of our services in few sentences?

“First Class Travel Agency with top Tour Guides and luxury tour cars!”

※Mr. Andreas Wetter has the goodness to enjoy the picture portfolio taken during his Korea tour.

Mr. Andreas Wetter and his family

Andreas Wetter and his family

  • Tour(s): Customized Tour (Seoul ~ Yanggu DMZ Tour ~ Mt. Seoraksan ~ Daegu ~ Gyeongju ~ Haeinsa Temple Stay ~ Seoul)

1. How was your itinerary? Are those places worth visiting?

“Our itinerary was great and detailed. What I liked the most was the flexibility and our tour guide, Mr. Jung. He made the sights interesting to my two 12 year old boys. There was one sight in Gyeongyu which I added after seeing the Great Queen Seondeok TV drama series which I would not return to (the Millenium Park) as it did not meet my expectations.
I liked the fact that we did some cultural activities such as going to the public bath spa and a temple stay so that Patrick and Matthew had more than a tourist perspective of their mother country.”

2. How was food that your family had?

“All but a couple of the meals were excellent. We especially liked the court lunch in Gyeongyu and the chicken dishes in Andong. We ate very well and enjoyed the food so much that we even looked forward to what and where we would be eating next. We learned to eat the foods in the traditional manner, rather than how we ate it in the US…and it was more delicious (i.e. wrapping grilled items like bulgogi in lettuce, rice, condiments).”

3. How was your guide? (in regard to knowledge, passion, communication,…)

“My twin sons, Patrick and Matthew, were adopted from Korea at 4 months of age. At age 12, this is their first trip back to see their country. Our goal was for Patrick and Matthew to learn and experience their mother country. We left Korea achieving this goal and more due to our guide, Mr. Jung. Mr. Jung made Korea come alive for Patrick and Matthew. He explained what we were seeing in an interesting manner and was very knowledgeable. He was passionate about making us understand the traditions of his country Korea. Besides being very professional, Mr. Jung is also a very generous and kind man. When I told him I was looking for a particular TV drama series, he went out of his way to find them. We always had a secure feeling that we were in good hands with a friend.”

4. Could you make a general comments of our services in few sentences?

“We received very good service from HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL, from the moment I put in our first inquiry to the last e-mail regarding the confirmation of our meeting with our guide. Client Care Desk always returned my e-mail inquiry within the next day and was very patient with the numerous changes I made to the itinerary. We would definitely use HAPPIMIZE again and highly recommend their services.”

Mrs. Lorna Skykes and her twin sons, Patrick and Matthew

Lorna sykes

  • Tour(s): Customized Tour for 10 days/9 nights (Seoul ~ Kumsan ~ Busan ~ Jeju Island ~ Gyeongju ~ Mt. Seoraksan ~ Seoul)


“I don’t know where to begin this letter.

The most appropriate way to start is to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful and memorable trip to Korea.  Your preparation and company on the tour of Korea for my mother’s 75 th birthday was beyond all my expectations.  You made this the best birthday present ever for her. I cannot thank you enough for making this family trip so special.

We couldn’t have had such a successful tour without your diligent help.

When I called and asked for your help on this trip, I was expecting a few interesting stops and some good food.  You went above and beyond all expectations when you provided a true culinary experience of all the diverse facets of Korea.  And showed us the beauty of the country.  We still don’t know if our family liked the free range chicken more than the seafood from the fish market or the side of the road in jeu.  It really doesn’t matter, all the meals we had were outstanding.

Beyond showing us the beauties of Korea (which incidentally my mother was never able to experience first hand until her 75th birthday), I thank you profusely for going above and beyond in helping us find part of our family and family history.

I called 3 other very high end luxury tour guides asking for their help in locating my mom’s birthplace.  We were estatic that you took the challenge willingly and then went way beyond our wildest dreams and actually found our family history records and missing family members.  It didn’t even cross our mind that this was a possibility.

We found long lost family while on your trip and we will always welcome our tour guide JC like family because of this incredible journey that we escorted us on.  You will forever be a part of the family after this trip.

Thank you for taking your responsibility to a level beyond all expectation.  Thank you for making our trip Korea fun, delicious and incredibly special.

And please feel free to have people email me at my email if you would like me to provide personal references etc.

Kindest regards,”

O'Rourke family

Pearl O’Rourke

  • Tour(s): Customized Tour (Seoul ~ Cheorwon DMZ Tour ~ Mt. Seoraksan ~ Seoul)

“We had a wonderful trip, and we are now happy to be back home. After leaving Korea, we joined an Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) tour in Tokyo and did not return home until May 5. I will try to get a copy of my comments regarding Korea and your travel firm to them. It would make and excellent extension of their tour of Japan.

Itinerary – Excellent for time available and for what we wanted to see – Thank you for working with me to better understand the possibilities. As you may remember we had several iterations back and forth to develop the trip that you provided for us. It was excellent for the limited time we had and for what we wanted to focus on. Three days were all we had to travel in your country.

Day 1 was spent touring Seoul, Day 2 was to the DMZ for the Cheorwan DMZ tour, and then on to the ‘East Sea’ for the night. Day 3 was a visit to Seoraksan National Park, and then a country tour on the drive back to Seoul.
Also, being meet at the airport upon arrival, and taken back for departure by Jay Jung was very helpful.

Are these worth visiting – Yes – They were excellent choices for us – Thank You

Food – Excellent – Quite different than what we are used to, but all interesting and all good. The only non-Korean food was for breakfast at the hotels. At each restaurant, we took off shoes, sat on the floor and ate with chopsticks and a spoon. Several unique and very good experiences would include seafood at Daepo harbor at the East Sea, Tofu soup for lunch, Korean chicken for dinner, and always with several kinds of kimchee.

Guide – Jay Jung served as our guide. He was truly outstanding in every way!
He knew the planned itinerary, and generally followed it. He also improved it with his own suggestions. An example – on our first day, we were to go to an evening show at 8:00 PM. He arranged a change to an afternoon show – a much more enjoyable time for us considering our travel fatigue. He kept us informed and on schedule through the trip. He knew the best restaurants and had suggestions on what to order. On our way back to the airport for departure, an early start was necessary to accommodate possible traffic problems. Since there were no problems, we were going to arrive very early. Jay stopped at an area just before the airport, and treated us to tea and some favorite items that he liked (I had no Korean money left).

Jay was excellent in explaining and teaching about Korea – both it’s history, and the current situation. His detailed knowledge of where we were, and where we were going next helped us. He is passionate for his country, and he shares this in a positive way.

Hotels – The accommodations were fine. Hill House Hotel was clean, comfortable, and convenient to all of Seoul. At the Maremons hotel, we watched the sun rise over the “East Sea”. Both were very good choices.”

Ms. and Mr. Sherrick

Ms. and Mr. Sherrick

  • Tour(s): Highlights of Seoul (1D) and Hwaseong Fortress and Korean Folk Village (1D)

“The personal touch of the HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL, we experienced was exceptional.
From the start to finish our tour guide was pleasant, courteous, and very knowledgeable of every aspect of the tour. He not only was considerate of our needs, but went out of his way to accommodate us. We toured The Temple in Seoul, he showed us the Blue House, the Presidential residence, then off to the Palace, with the secret garden, the Han River boat Cruise, and then the Dinner, which was an excellent way to end our first day.
Our next day consisted of Koreas Folk Village. This was another very informative experience.
The farmers dance, the tight rope walker, and the horse riders, showing off their skills…great entertainment.
Our guide’s knowledge of the culture of the different regions of Korea was exceptional, and due to unfavourable weather conditions, he improvised our tour so we saw some of the museums in the area. Overall I’d say our first trip to Korea was very enjoyable and I’d recommend HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL Company to anyone that would like to visit Korea.”

John and Margaret Hildebrandt

Ms. and Mr. Hildebrandt

  • Tour(s): Highlights of Seoul and Hwaseong Fortress and Korean Folk Village

“I want to thank you for the best private shore excursion that we had during our entire 14 day Asian Cruise.  From the start, email communication with HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL was prompt, professional, and always courtesy.  As such, I never felt any hesitation in placing a deposit via Paypal.  Even when we were an hour late from getting off the ship due to customs issues, our wonderful guide patiently waited for us. Thereafter we were on our way in the most comfortable. clean, and well maintained van I have ever experienced on a tour.  Throughout the day, the guide passionately engaged and entertained our group with his vast knowledge of Korean history and cultural that make us feel like we were adopted Koreans.  We all enjoyed the varied itinerary that turned out to be the perfect combination of historical/cultural/shopping sites topped off with a great traditional Korean lunch. I simply cannot say enough good things about our HAPPIMIZE experience. I welcome anyone to contact me at my email if they ever want a personal reference.”

Ms. Sandra Martinez and her travel mates

Sandra Martinez

  • Tour(s): Customized Tour (Seoul – Gyeongju – Busan – Japan)

“I’d like thank you and your staff for your courtesy and professional job.
Please report a special thank to our tour guide Mr. Alex Lee.
He was competent, patient and friendly.
He supported us to better understand your beautiful country.
The tour was fast, anyway it was interesting.

We appreciated your suggestions as:

– Hotel Shilla and hotel Paradise are very pleasant,
– A special surprise was to see Busan (unexpected sparkling city)
– Restaurants in Seoul and Gyeongju
– Very comfortable transportations by van

Thanks one more time for all!”

Mrs and Mr. Sparacciari

Sergio Sparacciari

  • Tour(s): Highlights of Mt. Seoraksan (1d), Highlights of Jeju (3d2n)

Highlights of Mt. Seoraksan (1d)

“We had the best experience of Korea thanks to HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL, the reason we use private tour due we travel as family with young infant, hence we required flexible schedules and time-management. HAPPIMIZE has shown it professionalism, very punctual.

Our first tour with HAPPIMIZE was to mt seorak, it was such a wonderful experience where our guide was very informative and shows us many things which we believe that we wont be getting from a normal group guided tour.

He was very knowledgeable, commands good English, and a very careful driver too.

The food was also become the highlight of the tour. Our guide introduced us to a large variety of traditional Korean cuisine that are not available in Korean restaurants overseas. All the places were specialty restaurants that served food specific to that area. The food varied from vegetarian (tofu), very cultural style BBQ/grill.

They were all very delicious and definitely we would never tasted them if we went on our own or joined a group tour.

It just a very peace of mind for us knowing that everything has been taken care by HAPPIMIZE to make sure we enjoy the whole trip. And WE DID ENJOY it VERY MUCH…. We didn’t need to worry about small thing, everything is included and schedule perfectly, most of all it’s flexible.

A very highly recommended private tour, all we need to do just sit, relax, and enjoy.”

Highlights of Jeju (3d2n)

“We were very thankful for our recent Jeju Island trip with HAPPIMIZE. Travelling with whole family plus young infant couldn’t be better….
A very very thank you to our guide, JC, he prepared everything carefully to make sure everything is smooth and enjoyable experience for us adults and the baby.
(* JC was also our tour guide during our Mt Seorak trip- it’s good to know a familiar person again.)

The itinerary was carefully planned to accommodate our interests, and flexibility for us and the infant, we arrived in Jeju feeling relax, and able to enjoy every single moment. I heard its not that easy to explore if we are on our own, now I fully see that. It’s a such great place to visit, JC shows us so much, from the modern places to very nature/cultural places.

And again, we love our food experience which HAPPIMIZE has plan for us, HAPPIMIZE had consulted us to small details before we even arrived in Korea to make sure the whole needs will meet our standard. We love to travel, so we are an adventurous people, live seafood on the menu!! Great experience, thanks for that!! =) we experience Jeju famous chicken stew for one of our lunch, it was great, we would never found that place if we go on our own or even big group tour. It’s very local with great taste and atmosphere.  Not to forget every meal is included, so nothing to worry during the whole trip, nothing to worry what to order, as we do need some local personalized experience as locals. HAPPIMIZE has provided us not just a cultural experience, it’s become food culinary experience, from typical home local food to high fine dining experience still with local feeling, great combinations. Would not change a thing, they are perfect!

During our trip to Jeju, the weather was not all good, thankfully for taking such a great organized private tour, thanks to our guide JC, he offer some options  due to weather conditions, and we were so happy that everything just went perfectly and at the end we actually see more than planned. Our itinerary was carefully arranged to meet our interests and when we requested one additional visit to a theme park in Jeju, he was very happy to accommodate our request.

The hotel which HAPPIMIZE chose was also great location, the ocean view just splendid, JC always make sure that we are comfortable during our trip, during the journey, even during our resting time.

It just such a great treat we had from HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL on our Korea holiday, we really see the different between big group tour to our personalized private tour, and we surely will choose HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL as our main tour whenever we are in Korea again.”

Ms. review-christina and her family

Christina Boentaran

  • Tour(s): Winte Image Tour for 4 days/3 nights, Mt. Seoraksan ~ Yongpyong Ski Resort

“Overall, we are happy with the tour. Although weather disrupted some plans (this happens !), nonetheless, we did manage to take in the beautiful winter scenery of Korea, and we thoroughly enjoyed the cuisines that you planned for us. We will definitley return, probably some time in autumn.”

Mr. Daryl Tan and his travelmates

Daryl Tan and his travelmates

  • Tour(s): Highlights of Seoul (2 days)

“I had so much fun during the 2 days in Seoul. Thanks for sending Heather as my tour guide.”

1. How was your tour guide?

“My itinerary was great because it was custom-ed to my needs (so relaxing and flexible) and I really enjoyed the places I have visited so much (Seoul tower, Kimchi making, shopping and the show “Jump”).”

2. How was food that you had?

“I love everything I ate in Seoul (very traditional). I think I am falling in love with Korean food and wish that I can have them everyday.”

3. How was your guide? (as for knowledge, passion, communication,…)

“Heather did a fantastic job. I felt like I am going on a trip with a close friend of mine. Very caring, passionate, knowledgeable, cheerful and hard working. Heather did a lot of research in order to take me to the best cooking school in town for making Kimchi and I really appreciate her effort. Without her, my trip in Seoul will not be the same.”

4. Could you made an appraisal of our services as a whole?

“I highly recommend your company to my friends and family. Heather made my visit in Seoul one of the best memories in my life. Thanks again for such a pleasant trip and I am loving it so much. I wish I had stayed there for a longer time, you’ve made it feel like home to me.

Once again, thanks for everything.”

Ms. Teresa Mek and our guide, Heather Kim

Teresa Mek

  • Tour(s): Boys over Flowers – Filming Locations Tour

“Korea has prepared for my coming!  And this was because of HAPPIMIZE!  Indeed, maximizing happiness! =)

It has been my longing to visit Korea especially when I became a fan of Boys Over Flowers. And with luck and maybe fate, I finally got to fly to Korea!  =) I came across various travel agencies but there was HAPPIMIZE who provided me the most impressive quotation for a private customized tour.  At first, i was hesitant in getting their services.  I thought that their quote was too high and I was also afraid to trust since they are local korean travel agent.  I was so thorough in asking questions about the itinerary that we exchanged long thread of e-mails. So good that they did not give up on me! =)

Then came the day… our tour guide, picked me and my friend from our guesthouse on time. We rode a service van that was really tidy and very comfortable. It was impressive though… Before hitting the road, he first made an overview on how our tour will go and reviewed with us our agreed itineraries.  He was also honest to tell us what places we can’t visit due to understandable reasons and he pleasantly suggested places for a fair exchange.

He was very well-versed with every places we passed by that made our interests went to the highest level! =) We never had dull moments during travel time because he has always have something to share about Korea. He was always aware that we are not used to the very cold weather that he made some arrangements that we won’t feel chilled. He was also very much aware of our budget for food that he sent us to fine restaurants where we can satisfy our pocket and crave for authentic korean food. He was a caring tour guide and its like he knew us very well to be sensitive to all our needs.

We always arrived and left the places in the itinerary on time that we were able to visit all places we want. He really studied well the itinerary and knows what would make me happy. He was also accommodating and flexible for every requests we had.  He was also generous to take pictures using his own DLSR camera. He was very patient in helping us stand in the ski resort everytime we fall inspite our heavy weights! Hahaha! =)

What really struck me was when we visited the Yangpyeong Camp (a.k.a. Shinhwa School in BOF). At first, I did not know why he was hurrying to get the key of one of the rooms. Then I was touched when he said that he wanted to be the first to go in before other tourists come. To my surprise, we came in to the  F4 classroom exclusively! I was really excited when I saw it. He really knows my intention of coming to Korea!  So when the other tourist came in, I was already able to savor every corner of the room. =) Another thing which amazed me was his research about the Laundry Shop and Porridge House where Guem Jan Di lives and works, respectively. It was not in the original itinerary but he surprised me that he was able to locate them and gave me the freedom to choose where I would opt to go to since the two places were not in the same area.

The entire tour was absolutely astounding! Everything went smoothly as planned with flexibility in the itinerary. Every places and activities left so much gladness and joy in my mind and heart. I never thought of any wasted centavo and time for the tour we had. All i know is that everything was very memorable and worthwhile that no price can pay the happiness I had. The personal touch which HAPPIMIZE had brought in my tour will forever leave a very significant mark in my life, making Korea as my best experience ever!!!”

Joy Sindayen
Manila, Philippines

  • Tour(s): Customized tour (Seoul – Gyeongju)

“When we went for a holiday in Seoul we chose HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL to take us in different places. We were very thankful that we made right decision to choose them. The good thing about HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL was that they will take you to the places according to your interest.
The guide from HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL really did care about his client. When he found out that we didn’t bring thermal garments, he bought one for my family. Every time we travel he made sure we each had water bottle in the van. And right to the very end, he didn’t left us, he accompanied us in the check in counter and made sure everything went smoothly in regards to our flight.

Thank you very much for the wonderful time we had in Korea.”

Ms. Gerodias and her family

Arra Gerodias
Sydney, Australia

  • Tour(s): Customized tour (Seoul – Everland Theme Park – Vivaldi Park – Namiseom Island)

“I had the opportunity to use the tour services provided by HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL for my recent Winter vacation to Seoul. I’ve very much wanted to visit Seoul for some time but have reservations about booking a tour from Singapore, after learning about the negative reviews from my family members and friends. Besides, a group tour provides a fixed itinerary which could not fulfill what we were looking for in Seoul. On the other hand, we’ve heard many negative reviews about Korean food during group tour.
After much research on the internet, I decided on a partial free and easy, meaning, 4 days on our own while another 4 days spent via a customised tour service (Vivaldi Park, Everland Theme Park and Namiseom Island) provided by HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL.

There was definitely a regret. Why? Well, I should have planned my itinerary to visit Seoul with HAPPIMIZE before going free and easy on my own (instead of spending 4 days on our own before going for the customized tour)!! Jay, was extremely supportive and helpful in the planning of the trip that comprised of a visit to the ski resort and EVERLAND Theme Park. What impressed us most were his honest advice and his willingness to extend a helping hand (not only once, but many times!!) in ensuring we enjoyed our stay in Seoul completely. Costs of the whole trip was very reasonable, given that this was a customized trip, with an English speaking tour guide and it was a private tour. I would say that though the tour services may sound expensive from the start, we’ve made substantial savings from the great food he has brought us to and accommodation he has arranged on our behalf. We would have saved a lot more time travelling on our own after hearing Jay’s advice during the trip.

I’ll definitely use the tour services provided by HAPPIMIZE for my next trip to Seoul and Jeju Island. Thanks to HAPPIMIZE for the beautiful Winter vacation!”

Miss. Audrey and her family

Audrey Aw

  • Tour(s): Boys over Flowers – filming locations tour

“Do you know that feeling of coming out of the arrival hall in an airport, knowing you’re going to have a friend picking you up, a friendly expectant face in the crowd? Well, I have no friends in Korea; it was a holiday destination, one that my family and I have considered going many times, but due to the language barrier and a lack of contacts, we have decided against traveling there many times. Having come across HAPPIMIZE’s website in October last year, we finally decided to go out on a limb and plan a trip for the winter season.
It was a very pleasant experience.
From the start of the planning, up to the end of the trip, HAPPIMIZE’s travel consultants were friendly, cheerful, and filled with a can-do attitude that matched my own. It was my first time to Korea and I was eager to see everything. I wanted to experience every part of the culture- the shopping, the food, the classical theatre, the museums and most of all, the filming locations! With Korean dramas being so popular, how could we go to Korea and not see the place where it all happened.
We arrived at the airport on a cold December morning and were greeted by our guide. Very efficiently, he ushered us to our private car and told us, in fluent English (no more language barrier) that we would begin our tour immediately. Unlike big group tours, where you would have to wait around for every member of the tour group, our HAPPIMIZE tour started that very morning. We had a jammed packed itinerary, filled not only with sightseeing, but also a great learning experience. Our guide took the time to explain the different dynasties of the Feudal Korean era, pointing out the different buildings and the key points of Korean history. For a history major like myself, it was an eye-opener to actually stand on the same steps where monarchs once stood!
Our guide also interspersed bits of historical and cultural sights with the Korea’s pop-culture industry. He was very knowledgeable, worldly, and could answer all of the queries we had, and very willing to teach us. Most guides I have met merely point out buildings and sights, bring us to restaurants but our HAPPIMIZE guide was sincere in showing us Korea. On the first day, for breakfast, he drove us (with awesome skills, weaving through the traffic) through the meandering city of Seoul, only to park outside a nondescript store. We learnt later that this store sold the best fish stock soup in the city. Not quite understanding the terms ‘best soup’ my sister and I were not impressed. However, the quality of the food spoke for itself. This was where the locals ate, the home-cooked style. After finishing our meal, my family left the restaurant, only to find the a queue of people snaking all the way around the block! Now this is what I call an authentic experience!
I want to say a big thank you to everyone at HAPPIMIZE who has helped me to plan a brilliant winter holiday for my family. Never in our wildest expectations did we expect to see so much of Korea in the short time that we were there. It was the first time I took responsibility of planning a family holiday for my parents and my sister, and safe to say, it was a huge success. We look forward to returning to Korea in the future and if we do, we will most definitely be approaching HAPPIMIZE once again!”

Ms. Kristie Michelle and her family

Kristie Michelle

  • Tour(s): Highlights of Seoul, DMZ tour, Hwaseong Fortress and Korean Folk Village, Highlights of Mt. Seoraksan, and Highlights of Gyeongju

“Your careful planning of the seven days spent in your company allowed us not only to visit the most important hallmarks of your country, but – more importantly for us as experienced individual travelers – to see places which only an insider like you could lead us to, based on your historical, geographical, lifestyle and culinary knowledge and expertise.

We greatly appreciated your company, discreet guidance, flexibility in changing the program – be it due to our preferences and interests, be it due to changing weather conditions – and careful driving and reliable communication by email and SMS. We returned home with many pictures and fond memories and will not hesitate to recommend you and your company whenever an opportunity arises.

With best wishes for success and well-being, and the hope that we’ll meet again”

Mrs. Prapasri and Mr. Reto Callegari

Prapasri and Reto Callegari

  • Tour(s): Customized tour (Seoul ~ Cheorwon DMZ tour ~ Korean Folk Village)

“HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL is simply the best travel company out there if your looking for a Travel Guide in South Korea.

My Mother, girlfriend and I had the guide, who spoke English that it was very easy to follow and he was very nice and easy to talk to as he led us through Seoul, DMZ, and Hanok Village.

He said that HAPPIMIZE TRAVEL is short for Maximizing Happiness, and he surely did not disappoint. The company is very easy to deal with and very flexible as well, for 3 days we had a private tour and every day we changed something on the agenda including the last day where I met my birth family and he was able to take pictures, translate and record the meeting. Since I created a custom tour we were able to makes changes ask the days progressed, I had already seen some of the things on our agenda and he was quick to substitute with something and NEVER made us feel bad or guilty for switching out schedule.

One thing that I thought was key to our trip was he had us try a variety of authentic foods. The guide was aware of our likes and dislikes when it came to eating so we never went hungry. We were able to experience delicious Korean cuisine including street food and various candies and snacks along the way.

He was incredibly knowledgeable about Korea in general, with a lot of history and culture he was a real treat to have with us when visiting site. He was even able to give us some more information that we did not get on the tour of the Palaces. I think that we really enjoyed Hanok Village and we spent a lot of time there which was great as it was beautiful there.

The other thing that I think that he did a great job was his driving, he was always very careful and planned our routes as to make sure that we would arrive on time and without feeling rushed. His time management and his ability to understand what the customer wants in a tour is simply outstanding. I could have not asked for a better person to show us around Korea, for three days he was very very polite, answered all of our questions and showed us the very best time that we could have asked for in Korea. Having a private tour guide with such a nice vehicle, that was a safe and courteous driver along with his knowledge of Korea was all that we could ask for.

10 our of 10 stars”

Mr. Jason Narverud and his family

Jason Narverud
Minnesota, USA

  • Tour(s): Customized tour (Seoul ~ Cheorwon DMZ tour ~ Mt. Seoraksan ~ Gyeongju ~ Seoul)

“From the time of the quote/tentative itinerary being sent, HAPPIMIZE was very professional. Always very prompt and thorough responses to all my e-mails.

I have travelled the world a lot (by myself, on group and private tours) and this was the first time ever I got an itinerary itemized by the hour (not just a daily summary giving no clue how much time where, how much time driving, etc. as others do): something that I always wanted yet only HAPPIMIZE delivered on (without me even having to ask for it). So, from the very start my expectations were high. Throughout the tour my already high expectations were not only met but even exceeded! The cars were new, very comfortable, and always clean. The hotels were well chosen: conveniently located quality hotels.

The itinerary was truly professionally put together just how I wanted it, and there was flexibility to always change it on the spot as desired.

Most of all, we always felt like VIPs: the words “that is not included” were not in the guide’s dictionary – the tour was truly all inclusive, including not only all meals and entrance tickets (for planned and unplanned places), but also all refreshments and snacks along the way. That is something that made a huge difference: truly feeling like a VIP and not being nickel and dimed.

But best of all, this was not just a sights tour. It was not just a cultural tour. It was not just a culinary (food) tour. Not a single minute was wasted and it was a combination of all three: a sight-seeing, cultural and culinary tour – all combined into one! When we were not out seeing places or enjoying cultural experiences (with the very helpful insight and information always shared with us by the guide), the included lunches and dinners were truly wonderful: each meal something different, from traditional Korean to fusion foods, trying various different types of food and local specialties. The meals were not picked on a set budget (some were pricey – including an exquisite lunch in Gyeongju, others not so), but rather based on the quality and letting us experience various different Korean foods: from the three types of kalbi, to chicken stew, to fresh sashimi, to royal foods, and a lot more. There was always more than enough food ordered, to let us experience all the best that each restaurant has to offer. That is something that we could never accomplish by ourselves, as many of the restaurants we went to (in fact, most of the best ones) only have menus in Korean and only cater to locals.

All in all, to accomplish what we did in just six days with HAPPIMIZE would have taken us at least two weeks by ourselves, and still we’d have never known where to go and what to order for the full kaleidoscope experience of the various Korean foods.

Truly well done and very professionally operated. Highly recommended.”

Mr.Haralds Jass and Mr. Jason Wong

Haralds Jass
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Superb Internet Corp, President & CEO

  • Tour(s): Customized tour (Mt. Seoraksan ~ Caribbean Bay water park ~ Everland ~ Seoul)

“The experience with HAPPIMIZE is great too. as we’re 2 moms with 4 energetic boys. Private tour enabled us to have very flexible schedule. Each day was carefully arranged according to our interests, time, energy level etc. So we had hot spring bath after hours of hiking and shopping for moms while our guide, Jay, taking care of boys in toys shop. Our tour guide is so important that we can’t go without him. He’s our driver, guide, baby sitter (he had no choice but to take all 4 boys with him to men’s changing room in water park and in bath place) and photographer (ya, he took hundreds of great pictures for us using his own professional-like camera). boys just love him and were reluctant to leave in the airport.”

Ms.Ying Deng and Vivienne Wong

Ying Deng and Vivienne Wong
Hong Kong

  • Tour(s): Essentials of Korea (5 days/4 nights)

“The itinerary was good, I enjoyed the historical and cultural side of Gyeongju and the drive through the beautiful countryside was great. The locations in Seoul were great but maybe a few more could be added. I wasn’t a big shopper and could have done some different things instead of going to a lot of markets although the experience was good.

The food was the best part of the whole trip as I never liked to eat spicy food before. It also helped me with losing weight and I eat spicy Korean food all the time now. The range of food was amazing and I tried everything. The meal experience was also a good experience compared to Western meal time. Sitting on the ground was new to me, as was being able to choose a large variety of foods at one time and not be restricted to a set course (entre, main, desert). I thought only Australians were good at BBQ, but Korean BBQ is fantastic, particularly the marinated Galbi.

The guide had a good grasp of english and was very knowledgable about the itinerary and about other general knowledge questions I had. He was very passionate about all topice and enjoyed talking about them. He was very flexible and allowed me to go at my own pace in most cases.

A very enjoyable and easy going holiday with plenty to see and offer whether you are travelling alone, in a group or with family. The guides are friendly and know what they are talking about. A great way to see Korea”

Mr. Andrew Philips

Andrew Philips
Sydney, Australia

Tour by driving guide
We don't cheat the clients by hiding the information - 'The tour will be done by a driving guide.'

If the number of passengers is smaller than 7, or 8, you can save the money by hiring a driving guide rather than hiring guide and driver separately.

Because some travel agencies, or individuals are offering the tours at cheaper prices without indicating the tour inclusions, few people commented that "Your prices are more expensive than **"

Yes, we are willing to offer the tour with a English speaking driving guide for the person/people who travel solely, with 2-3 members, or want to squeeze the price. But, we will cleary indicate the tour inclusions so as not to mislead you.
8% Discount
Due to the recent uprising value of USD versus KRW, we gladly announce that we offer 8% discount for all the prices in our website.
But, for the multi-day tours, if you want to pay by credit card, we need to surcharge the credit card handling fee of 2.9%.
We don't provide your own itinerary
Some people said "Please provide a good itinerary for our Korea trip. We will visit Korea during ## Dec 2016 and ## Dec 2016."
But, please understand that we don't provide an itinerary and quote unless you pay for our consultation (US$30 up to 5 days, or 50 for more than 5 days).
Every client has different theme, budget and preference. So, coming to agreement on final itinerary takes at least few days, some times few weeks. Therefore, our limited number of specialists cannot produce an itinerary and quote in response to every inquiry.
Our website is not running properly
Due to recent technical change in web hosting company, some functions/pages in our website are not running properly.
Therefore, our new website is under construction in line with new environment.

Apologize for the inconvenience and please be patience until we launch new website in 1-2 weeks.
8-seater vs 11-seater van
Some people ask why our van is called as 8-seater van whereas other operators propose 11-seater van. In fact, both are the same Hyundai Grand Starex model.
But, our company don't want to let our client misunderstand the size of this van.
For example, the middle seats don't have head-rest. If you need to put your luggage, the last seat row should be folded.
That's why our company decided to call this van as 8-seater.
10% Discount
Some people informed us their government warns the citizen not to visit South Korea due to the military tension. We, South Korean know this is very repeating gesture of North Korea leader who is afraid of South Korea, or USA.

Therefore, we would like to propose 10% discount for the guide, transport prices as long as you travel Korea by August 2017.