Nami Island and Petite France Tour (8h)

If you join Nami Island and Petite France Tour (8h), you can visit Nami Island and Petite France (or, Garden of Morning Calm) in a day.

Even though Winter Sonata (TV drama) was over few years ago, still many people are visiting Nami Island to flash back some scenes of Winter Sonata. But, Nami Island not only work as filming location, but also serve as interesting tourist attraction because this is a kind of resort complex, which is made up of nature, restaurant, cafe and hotel.
Because of its location in the middle of river, you will need to take ferry to get to this island. Stroll through forested alleys while you reminisce the scenes of Winter Sonata.

After Nami Island, you will have a chance to visit either one of Petite France and Garden of Morning Calm.

Even though you can take just transportation with driver, if you hire an English, or Chinese speaking guide, you can get more information/impression about Korea.

  • Type: Private tour
  • Length: 8 hours
  • Location: Seoul – Nami Island – Petite France (or, Garden of Morning Calm) – Seoul

(US$) Items Number of people
1-7 8-14 15-44
Per group Vehicle by KR speaking driver $280 $340 $480
Guide (option) $250
Per person Admission fees (Adult, option) $14
Admission fee (Child under 13 years old, option) $8
Basic Meal (option) $10
Weekend Meal (option) 20
▪ If 2 people choose admission fee + vehicle (but, without guide and meal), the price will be [$280 for vehicle + ($14 for admission + $10 for meal) X 2 people] = $308
▪ If 16 people choose guide + admission fees + Weekend Meal in addition to vehicle, the price will be [$480 for vehicle + $250 for guide + ($14 for admission + $20 for meal) X 16 people] = $1,274

Day Schedule Meal
1 ▪ Seoul – Nami Island – Petite France (or, Garden of Morning Calm)
9:00 Meet your driver at hotel
0900-1030 Transfer to Nami Island
1030-1330 Sightseeing at Nami Island incl. your lunch time
1330-1400 Transfer to Petit France or, Garden of Morning Calm
1400-1530 Sightseeing at Petit France or, Garden of Morning Calm
1530-1700 Transfer back to your hotel

▪ If you add Garden of Morning Calm, US$40 for guide and US$60 for vehicle will be surcharged.
▪ But, you can visit Garden of Morning Calm instead of Petite France, or Nami Island.

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Last update: Jan/15/2016

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Tour by driving guide
We don't cheat the clients by hiding the information - 'The tour will be done by a driving guide.'

If the number of passengers is smaller than 7, or 8, you can save the money by hiring a driving guide rather than hiring guide and driver separately.

Because some travel agencies, or individuals are offering the tours at cheaper prices without indicating the tour inclusions, few people commented that "Your prices are more expensive than **"

Yes, we are willing to offer the tour with a English speaking driving guide for the person/people who travel solely, with 2-3 members, or want to squeeze the price. But, we will cleary indicate the tour inclusions so as not to mislead you.
8% Discount
Due to the recent uprising value of USD versus KRW, we gladly announce that we offer 8% discount for all the prices in our website.
But, for the multi-day tours, if you want to pay by credit card, we need to surcharge the credit card handling fee of 2.9%.
We don't provide your own itinerary
Some people said "Please provide a good itinerary for our Korea trip. We will visit Korea during ## Dec 2016 and ## Dec 2016."
But, please understand that we don't provide an itinerary and quote unless you pay for our consultation (US$30 up to 5 days, or 50 for more than 5 days).
Every client has different theme, budget and preference. So, coming to agreement on final itinerary takes at least few days, some times few weeks. Therefore, our limited number of specialists cannot produce an itinerary and quote in response to every inquiry.
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Therefore, our new website is under construction in line with new environment.

Apologize for the inconvenience and please be patience until we launch new website in 1-2 weeks.
8-seater vs 11-seater van
Some people ask why our van is called as 8-seater van whereas other operators propose 11-seater van. In fact, both are the same Hyundai Grand Starex model.
But, our company don't want to let our client misunderstand the size of this van.
For example, the middle seats don't have head-rest. If you need to put your luggage, the last seat row should be folded.
That's why our company decided to call this van as 8-seater.
10% Discount
Some people informed us their government warns the citizen not to visit South Korea due to the military tension. We, South Korean know this is very repeating gesture of North Korea leader who is afraid of South Korea, or USA.

Therefore, we would like to propose 10% discount for the guide, transport prices as long as you travel Korea by August 2017.