Highlights of Korea Tour (10d9n)

Highlights of Korea Tour (10d9n) provides you the excellent overview of Korea. This tour includes the variety of experiences about Korea such as ‘from cottage style restaurant to modern & luxurious food restaurant’, ‘from skyscraper to few hundreds years old houses’. Our mission is to give you the chances of visiting non-touristic places, having communication with Korean people as many as possible. We guarantee you will be an expert about Korea at the end of the tour.

The actual route may be changed from the proposed itinerary. For example, we would like to avoid visiting Jeju Island on Friday, or Saturday because the availability of hotel rooms and domestic air tickets are much lower than weekdays.

Even though you can take just transportation with driver, if you hire an English, or Chinese speaking guide, you can get more information/impression about Seoul, or Korea.

  • Type: Private tour
  • Length: 10 days / 9 nights
  • Location: Seoul – Suwon – Jeju Island – Busan – Gyeongju – Mt. Seoraksan – Yanggu DMZ – Seoul
  • Themes: Cultural, culinary, scenic, historical

(US$) Items Number of people
1-6 7-13 14-42
Per group Vehicle by KR speaking driver $2,810 $3,640 $5,030
Guide $2,960
Per room 3 star hotels (option) $780
4 star hotels (option) $1,660
5 star hotels (option) $2,490
Per person Domestic flight $170
Admission fee (option) $84
Basic Meals (option) $270
Weekend Meals (option) $530
Special Meals (option) $800
▪ If 2 people choose guide + 4 star hotels + Weekend Meals in addition to vehicle + domestic flights, the price will be $2,810 for vehicle + $2,960 for guide + $1,660 for hotels + [($84 for admission + $170 for flights + $550 for meal) X 2 people] = $9,038
▪ If 8 people choose guide + 5 star hotels + Special Meals in addition to vehicle + domestic flights, the price will be $3,640 for vehicle + $2,960 for guide + ($2,490 for hotels X 4 rooms) + [($84 for admission + $170 for flights + $800 for meal) X 8 people] = $24,992

Day Schedule Meals 4 star hotels 5 star hotels
1 ▪ Seoul
0900 Meet your guide at hotel, or Incheon airport 0930-1100 Get an overview of Korean history from your guide and feel the exterior part of Korean architecture at Gyeongbokgung Palace* and study the way of living life of old Korean people at National Folk Museum 1100-1200 Look how different current living life of Korean people at Bukchon Hanok Village 1230-1330 Lunch with traditional Korean course menu at authentic Korean restaurant 1330-1430 Free souvenir shopping at Insa-dong 1500-1600 Feel and touch the traditional Korean market at Gwangjang Market 1630-1730 Enjoy panoramic view of Seoul at observatory of 63 Building* 1830-1930 Dinner with local delicacy 2000 Check in hotel
L – D Fraser Place Namdaemun Westin Chosun Seoul
2 ▪ Seoul – Suwon – Seoul
0900 Meet your guide 0900-1000 Move to Suwon 1000-1200 Korean Folk Village*; Experience Korean people’s traditional living life at Korean Folk Village and enjoy Nongak (traditional Korean music performed by farmers) and tightrope act 1200-1230 Move to the restaurant via Samsung Electronics main factory (Suwon city was main manufacturing site of Samsung Electronics) 1230-1400 Lunch with Galbi; famous grilled beef with marinade (optional) 1430-1530 Walk along the walls of Hwaseong Fortress* 1530-1630 Move to Seoul 1630-1800 Look and feel how Gangnam district is different with Northern part of Seoul. Visit Gangnam subway station and Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil 1830-1930 Dinner 2000 Move back to hotel
B – L – D Fraser Place Namdaemun Westin Chosun Seoul
3 ▪ Seoul – Jeju
0830 Meet your guide and check out hotel 0830-0910 Move to Gimpo Airport 1030-1135 Fly to Jeju 1230-1330 Lunch with Black pork 1330-1400 Drive along beautiful scenic road of West Jeju 1400-1430 Hyeobjae Beach, here have your picture taken with beautiful jade-green color water in the backgroun 1500-1600 Spirited Garden*; The best bonsai garden in Korea 1600-1700 O’Sulloc green tea museum & plantation; You can buy so many kinds of green tea products and taste various green tea in addition to ice cream, or cake made of green tea 1730 Check in at hotel 1830-1930 Dinner with big fresh sea food table (option) 2000 Back to hotel
B – L – D The Suites Hotel Jeju Shilla Jeju
(Extra $70 for Sea view)
4 ▪ Jeju
0900 Meet your guide 0900-1000 Move to East Jeju 1000-1030 Sungeup Folk Village; You can see the real village having 100-200 years old houses 1100-1230 Seongsan Ilchulbong* (also, Sungsan Sunrise Peak), which is definitely one of landmarks of Jeju 1300-1430 Lunch with a course menu at a restaurant having a splendid scenery and walk along cliff at Seobjikoji (option) 1430-1530 Move along South coast of Jeju. You might see Hanyeo catching see food at the sea 1530-1630 Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls* 1700-1800 Leisurely walk along scenic walking trail, which is called Olle-gil 1830-1930 Dinner 2000 Back to hotel
B – L – D The Suites Hotel Jeju Shilla Jeju
(Extra $70 for Sea view)
5 ▪ Jeju – Busan
0900 Meet your guide and check out hotel 0930-1000 Daepo Jusangjeolli* (also, Daepo Cliff), is famous for stone pillars piled up at the coast 1100-1130 Yongnuni Oreum; Small dead volcano, on top you can enjoy exotic view 1230-1330 Lunch with chicken soup 1330-1430 Move to Jeju airport via forested road at Mt. Hallasan 1530-1625 fly to Busan 1700-1800 Move to your hotel and check in 1830-1930 Dinner 2000 Move back to hotel
B – L – D Novotel Ambassador Busan
(Extra $50 for Sea view)
Westin Chosun Busan
(Extra $50 for Sea view)
6 ▪ Busan
0900 Meet your guide at hotel 0900-0940 Transfer to Old Busan area 1000-1100 Yongdusan Park incl. Busan Tower* 1100-1200 Walk around Gwangbok-dong street and Kukje Market 1230-1430 Jagalchi Fish Market, which is the biggest seafood market at Korea and lunch 1500-1600 Gamcheon-dong (or, called Taeguekdo Village) 1630-1700 Provisional Government Memorial; This was used for temporary office & residence for Dr. Lee, the president of Korea during Korean War 1700-1730 Transfer back to hotel area via beautifual Gwangan Bridge 1730-1800 Dongbaekseom 1830-1930 Dinner 2000 Move back to hotel
B – L – D Novotel Ambassador Busan
(Extra $50 for Sea view)
Westin Chosun Busan
(Extra $50 for Sea view)
7 ▪ Busan – Gyeongju
0900 Meet your guide and check out hotel 900-1030 Transfer to Gyeongju 1030-1130 Daereungwon Tombs Complex* (or, called Cheonmachong) 1130-1230 National Museum of Gyeongju 1300-1400 Lunch with traditional Korean course menu at 300 yrs old house restaurant (option) 1430-1630 UNESCO World Heritages; Seokguram Grotto* and Bulguksa Temple* 1700 Check in hotel 1830-1930 Dinner 2000 Back to hotel
B – L – D Hilton Gyeonju Hilton Gyeonju
8 ▪ Gyeongju – Mt. Seoraksan
0900 Meet your guide and check out hotel 0930-1030 Yangdong Village*; The best preserved clan village and this was registered as UNESCO World Heritage (together with Hahoe Village) 1030-1500 Transfer to Mt. Seoraksan (lunch on the way) 1500-1600 Leisurely hiking along the beautiful valley, called Jujeongol 1700 Check in at hotel and enjoy magnificent view of Mt. Seoraksan at your hotel 1830-1930 Dinner 2000 Move back to hotel
B – L – D Kensington Star Kensington Star
9 ▪ Mt. Seoraksan
0900 Meet your guide 0930-1200 Walk inside Natinal Park area. Take roundtrip cable car to Gweongeumseong and visit Shinheungsa Temple* 1300-1400 Lunch 1430-1600 Joongang Market and experience small boat moving by rope 1630-1800 Enjoy Korean style spa (option; per person $10) 1830-1930 Dinner 2000 Back to hotel
B – L – D Kensington Star Kensington Star
10 ▪ Mt. Seoraksan – Yanggu – Seoul
0830 Meet your guide 0830-0930 Transfer to Yanggu 1000-1200 Yanggu DMZ tour*. You will go inside 4th infiltrated tunnel and visit Eulji Observatory, at which you might see North Korean soldier through telescope 1200-1330 Transfer to Hongcheon (on the way to Seoul) 1330-1430 Lunch with marinade pork BBQ 1430-1600 Transfer to Seoul and finish the tour
B – L None, but you can request us to arrange hotel None, but you can request us to arrange hotel
▪ Above hotels are our first choices. So, if not available on your visiting day, the similar grade hotel(s) will be arranged.
▪ If there is not 5 star hotel at some place, we have no choice but to provide 4 star hotel. (e.g., Gyeongju, Mt. Seoraksan)

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  • You can start, or finish the tour at Incheon airport. But, please understand that some extra price will be added.
  • If you have special places/activities, please let us know. Then, we may customize the itinerary and quote.
  • If you don’t hire EN, or CN speaking guide, our KR speaking driver will just drop off & pick up at each place at the scheduled time.
  • Yanggu DMZ can be substituted with other place/activity.

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