• What are included in your tour?

Our tours usually include all services from the moment your flight arrives at Korea. All transportations, guide service, meals, accommodation will be arranged unless you request otherwise. But our tours don’t include personal gift, alcoholic beverage.

• Can I join the tour that was already arranged for other client?

Unfortunately, you cannot join the tour that was prepared for other people.
First of all, most clients who want to contact us are the people who want to take a private tour only for themselves. So, they don’t want to be mingled with other people. Furthermore, the price should be re-quoted because most factors will be changed. (e.g., change in vehicle, number of hotel rooms,…)

• When is the last timing to book your tour?

Some guests used to ask us “Can I book your tour just before my departure?”
Sometimes you can do, but mostly you cannot do as we have limited numbers of guides. As we mentioned on our tour pages, we don’t outsource a guide. So, if we assigned all of our guides into the tours, we cannot accept your tour request.

Anyway, just contact us. Then, we will gladly revert to you with the availability.

• Can I check in at hotel before noon?

Normally, 4-5 star hotels in Seoul don’t allow for you to check in before 15:00 officially.
But, they used to provide room before 15:00 if they have available room.

If you want to check in before noon, you can check-in as long as you agree to pay 20-50% of room price.


• Which hotel category do you offer?

We don’t include our margin on your accommodation price. So, you had better take the accommodation suggested by us. As for the hotel grade, we would propose 5 ~ 4 star hotels hotel. Because our prices (i.e., travel agency prices) are lower than listed consumer prices, we can give you a benefit from this lowered price.

But, when we propose a hotel, most important factor  is a ‘value’. Normally, we don’t suggest luxurious hotels if their prices are too expensive.

• What is the meaning of private tour?

A private tour means the tour for only one group. One group can be one person, or 100 people.

• Do you offer just domestic flight to Jeju, or rent-a-car in Jeju?

Unfortunately, we don’t deal with ‘booking only’ service. Because we are a group of tour guides, always we want to sell our service and we try to include guide service in your quotation. But, once you become our client, we will gladly help to arrange the services without guide such as hotel extensions, airport transfer.

• I will accompany 2 kids (6, 4 yrs old), is your tour will be helpful?

Absolutely, our tour will be a adequate choice for your family because

1) you can focus on sightseeing as our guide will help to take care of your kids

2) we will charge 50% tour price for the kid under 10

3) you can move easily (also, fast) by our car without wasting stamina

4) you can request to customize the itinerary to fit your preferences (e.g., change into theme park such as Everalnd)

• Why do you charge for credit card handling fee?

If you pay with your credit card, we have been adding 3.2% handling charge. (since May 1st 2012)
In Korea, most credit card companies charge more handling fee on the credit cards issued outside Korea…as they think they need to charge some risk premium for default in addition to long-term cash collection period. So, please understand that we have no choice but to charge you for the handling charge, which is charged from our credit card company.


• What is the difference of spa between Korea and Japan?

Our clients used to ask us “I would like to enjoy spa during my tour.” (i,e., not luxury one at hotel)

Yes, we have many spas, but you need to understand that Korea’s spa system is different with Japanese’s system.

In Korea, every spa has two big rooms, one is for man and the other is for woman.Each room is comprised of 1) clothes changing room, 2) few big tubs, and 3) few sauna rooms and 4) several shower heads (or, water faucets). Also, everyone is supposed to take off her/his clothes.

• Which is better, Everland or Lotte World?

Business point of view, Everland is one of subsidiary of Samsung Group and Lotte World is one of subsidiary of Lotte Group. Most Korean people prefer to visit Everland because Everland is much bigger than Lotte World and their attractions are more than Lotte World. (also, newer)

The strong point of Lotte World is its location and you can reach without difficulty because it is located at Jamsil Station. (Subway Line 2)

• You mentioned a remark about Yongduam Rock (in Jeju)? Is it true that is not worth going?

The reason why we mentioned Yongduam Rock is…we would like to let you know that there are some difference in the information between foreign tourists and locals people.

As for the quality difference,

There are too much information on internet and you/we cannot tell (or, distinguish) which is good, and which is not good. Because most web editors who are producing tourist information are government related people and they are not interested in quality. Their goal is to produce the article as many as possible to attract more tourists.

As for the time difference,

There are the differences between your places (i.e., foreign tourist places) and our places.

For example, since the completion of development of ‘Jungmun Resort Compex’ by Korea Tourism Organization (around 2001), Korean people would have a chance to ‘overnight’ outside Jeju City (Jeju City is at North of Jeju island). And they could enlarge their travel spots into Southern Jeju area based on their accommodation at Jungmun Resort Complex. In Jungmun Resort Complex, there are Shilla Hotel Jeju, Lotte Hotel Jeju, Hyatt Regency Jeju,…

Due to the changes in our preferences (i.e., North à South), most people would not go to Yongduam Rock (Strictly speaking, we don’t need to go there because we found many other similar (or better) places in other areas.

In my opinion, the main reason why you stick to Yongduam Rock is…most group tour packages in Singapore are comprised of Yongduam Rock. So, you might feel you should not miss this important place. But, please note that their goal is to include the places as many as possible. They don’t care the satisfaction of their customer and they just try to their best to bring more shopping centers for their commission.

• Is there any difference between hotel rating in Korea and global hotel rating?

You need to understand there is the difference between local hotel grading system and hotel grade by international standard of view.

For example, there are not many 5 star hotels in Jeju.

In our preference* order, Shilla Hotel Jeju > Lotte Hotel Jeju > Havichi Hotel Jeju > Boume Courture Jeju

*The mix of 1) facility, 2) location, 3) service of staffs and 4) breakfast

Some people say Hyatt Regency Jeju is also 5 star hotel…technically yes because this hotel was rated as 5 star hotel by local organization.

But, the facilities of this hotel are too old and they need to renovate! So, we don’t propose this hotel to our clients.

• What is DMZ Tour?

Please use following page: Details

• Which is the better among Yongpyong and Alpensia resort?

–  Both resorts are located 2km away from each other, there is no public transport between two resorts.

– There are three types of accommodation at Alpensia. 1) Intercontinental Resort (hotel), 2) Holiday Inn Resort (hotel), and 3) Holiday Inn Suites (residence type hotel).

– There are several types of accommodation at Yongpyong; Tower condo, Villa condo, Greenpia condo and Dragon Hill hotel.

– Yongpyong is regarded as the best ski resort in Korea in terms of the size, number of sloes. Whereas the number of slopes and the heights of slopes at Alpensia are much smaller than Yongpyong.

– If you are beginner in skiing, but if you are looking for good quality accommodation, we recommend Intercontinental Resort at Alpensia. But, if you are intermediate, or advanced level, you had better stay at Yongpyong.

• What is Korean food?

In terms of the components (structure), Korean meal consists of 1) rice, 2) hot temperature soup, 3) side dishes and 4) main dish(es).

Main dish(es) is optional. But, this is the offering of the restaurant where we visit.

In Korea, most restaurants offer one category, or just few menus.
I.e., Beef BBQ restaurant only sells beef BBQ. Pork BBQ restaurant only sell pork BBQ.
Sashimi restaurant only sells sashimi.

But, regardless of the menu, they provide 1) rice, 2) hot temperature soup, 3) side dishes.
Kimchi is the most common side dish.

This is main difference between Chinese restaurant and Korean restaurant.
Therefore, in Korea, you need to decide the menu before you visit the restaurant.

(In response to an inquiry from our client)

A: “Can I order non spicy menu?”
B: “If you don’t want to spicy dish, what you can do is

To find the restaurant who offer non-spicy main menu, or
To eat just non-spicy side dishes in the table if you have no choice but to visit the restaurant who serve spicy main menu.


• When will autumn foliage season begin at Korea?

Roughly speaking, the autumn colour season begins in the middle of October.

There are three determining factors for Autumn colour.

1) Climate (e.g., how soon Winter comes)
2) Latitude (i.e., Generally for the Korean Peninsula, the higher the latitude, the lower temperature.)
3) Altitude (i.e., Higher mountain, lower temperature)

So, our Autumn begins from North area and spread over South. For example, the peak season of Mt. Seoraksan will be the last week of October. And there are (about) two weeks difference between the peak time at Mt. Seoraksan and the peak season at Mt. Naejangsan. (Please refer to following picture.)

• When are the peak seasons in Korea?

Besides Christmas and New Year, our peak season is summer holiday during 3th week of July ~ 2nd week of August.

Our rainy season begins first week (or, second week) of July and last for two weeks. So, the summer holiday for Korean people begins last week of July. (in accordance with the finish of rainy season) During this period, more than 70% Korean people ‘move’ and this 2 weeks is the peak season for every tourist attractions in Korea. Also, most hotels will charge special rate during this period.

Also, there are some short high demand seasons in Korea below.

  • The last Friday of April ~ the first Saturday of May (Consecutive holiday from May Day to Children’s Day)
  • The 4th week of October ~ 2nd week of November (Autumn color season)

Please refer to following page: Peak seasons in Korea…

• Where can I get accurate weather information/forecast?

Following is the home page of Korea Meteorological Administration.

Because this is the official weather information provider to Korean government, you can trust them.


Set the location:

(e.g.,) Jeolllanam-do > Damyang-gun

Jeju-do > Seogwipo-si

• When is the right timing for cherry blossom?

Magnolia blooms in the beginning of Spring. Then, Forsythias and cherry tree are handed the baton.

This is the ‘expected’ beginning date of cherry flower.
For example, the cherry flower will blossom at 1st April at Busan…this means you can enjoy full cherry blossom around 4-5th April.

Tour by driving guide
We don't cheat the clients by hiding the information - 'The tour will be done by a driving guide.'

If the number of passengers is smaller than 7, or 8, you can save the money by hiring a driving guide rather than hiring guide and driver separately.

Because some travel agencies, or individuals are offering the tours at cheaper prices without indicating the tour inclusions, few people commented that "Your prices are more expensive than **"

Yes, we are willing to offer the tour with a English speaking driving guide for the person/people who travel solely, with 2-3 members, or want to squeeze the price. But, we will cleary indicate the tour inclusions so as not to mislead you.
8% Discount
Due to the recent uprising value of USD versus KRW, we gladly announce that we offer 8% discount for all the prices in our website.
But, for the multi-day tours, if you want to pay by credit card, we need to surcharge the credit card handling fee of 2.9%.
We don't provide your own itinerary
Some people said "Please provide a good itinerary for our Korea trip. We will visit Korea during ## Dec 2016 and ## Dec 2016."
But, please understand that we don't provide an itinerary and quote unless you pay for our consultation (US$30 up to 5 days, or 50 for more than 5 days).
Every client has different theme, budget and preference. So, coming to agreement on final itinerary takes at least few days, some times few weeks. Therefore, our limited number of specialists cannot produce an itinerary and quote in response to every inquiry.
Our website is not running properly
Due to recent technical change in web hosting company, some functions/pages in our website are not running properly.
Therefore, our new website is under construction in line with new environment.

Apologize for the inconvenience and please be patience until we launch new website in 1-2 weeks.
8-seater vs 11-seater van
Some people ask why our van is called as 8-seater van whereas other operators propose 11-seater van. In fact, both are the same Hyundai Grand Starex model.
But, our company don't want to let our client misunderstand the size of this van.
For example, the middle seats don't have head-rest. If you need to put your luggage, the last seat row should be folded.
That's why our company decided to call this van as 8-seater.
10% Discount
Some people informed us their government warns the citizen not to visit South Korea due to the military tension. We, South Korean know this is very repeating gesture of North Korea leader who is afraid of South Korea, or USA.

Therefore, we would like to propose 10% discount for the guide, transport prices as long as you travel Korea by August 2017.